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   Perfecta! is here to clean, protect, and repair your in-house surfaces. Small areas that are unreachable from the typical "big trucks" are my specialty. My operations are done through an electric powered portable machine that is engineered to provide the maximum mobile power within any home. As a previous technician at two reputable companies in Olympia and Seattle, I realized one of the most important aspects to obtain optimal results on any jobsite is a technician's time and technique. As a non-commission owner/operator I spend the required Time with attention to detail attitude on each job, and combined with 10 years of experience in the Olympia/Seattle area you can be assured of your job done right!

Color Dye
About Me

Born in the great northwest, I have lived in Olympia and Seattle most of my life and love the green despite the rain. My hard working handyman Dad and father of my 8 other siblings instilled a great work ethic from an early age. I will always remember him saying after the septic pump went out one evening "Help me fix this, that is, if you want to shower tonight" (I got to hold the flashlight in the rain while my older brothers did more of the 'helping'). For 8 years I worked under a owner/operator in Olympia at Dryex and then moved to Seattle and worked for D.A.Burns for 2 years. I am now venturing out into the entrepreneurial world which I'm finding to be equally daunting and exciting. I offer you my best.

Serving Seattle

Seattle's Spaces

As a small area specialist, my van can easily access any parking garage, and reach your condo, apartment or docked boat!


Soiling doesn't stand a chance...


Most upholstered furniture do not show night and day differences during cleaning (pictured above), however, it is probably the second most frequented place you spent your personal time on. Let me help you keep it clean more than once in it's lifetime and maybe more if you let your furry friends enjoy those cushions with you!


Tile and Grout


Built here in Redmond WA, the RotoVac 360i is what I use to clean your Tile and Grout. This machine has a 360⁰ rotating brush head for agitation, three internal spray jets for washing, and three vacuum ports to contain and capture all the liquid, leaving your tiled floors shining!

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